Archive for November 1st, 2011


as i have intimated this blog will not be about your everyday goings-on.  during Oct. we visited a variety of places some not even on the jazz map.


first up was a live presentation of a play about Oscar Wilde.  it was performed in a magnificently preserved Beaux Arts room at the Prince George Hotel and presented by the Duke Ellington Center For the Arts.  a live trio played Ellingtonia while we picked at finger food: Frank Owens, piano; Jackie Williams, drums; JJ Wiggins, bass.  the play –”Blacker”– itself was not the thing for me.  however, there was an interesting sidebar. Wilde’s relationship with the infamous Dreyfus Affair in France.  they say everyone is separated only by degrees from another.  i was told that Col. Dreyfus was a forebear of Dreyfus Funds, where my retirement is housed, and more importantly Dreyfus Jazz Records, for whom i was publicist.


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