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Joyous Celebration for a Joyful Man

September 26, 2011

we said farewell to Frank Foster (aka Uncle Frank, Fos) at Abyssinian on Fri. the 23rd.  the truly giant tenor saxist & arranger was represented by family & friends who told & played his story with the love & gusto he passed on to them.  or should i say musical alliance as family doesn’t cover the topic.  Lady Cecelia Foster’s maiden name is Jones, as in Hank, Thad & Elvin.  through them there are the Otises, as in Johnny & Shuggie.  then there are the extended families, the musicians he touched: the Basie band for whom he arranged & later led, succeeding Thad, whose band he guest conducted at the Village Vanguard when Thad abdicated to Copenhagen.  (there’s an LP out there.)  and us.


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