July 2013 saw the passing at 88 of a beloved musical colleague and friend, multiple instrumentalist and vocalist Carllne Ray.  Her daughter vintage classical vocalist Catherine “Cat” Russell survives her.  Cat researches and archives songs and singers from begone eras and adds life so that they do not become museum pieces.

Carline was an excellent teacher in that regard.  she played acoustic guitar, upright bass, piano, and taught herself electric bass guitar with the all female Sweethearts of Rhythm.  Carline had a rich alto voice which she used to good effect.  the first time i heard her was with Mary Lou’s (Williams) Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.  later with the Mercer Ellington Band which played live for an Alvin Ailey Ellington Celebration.  we became friends.  my wife, vocalist Fran McIntyre calls Carline her mentor.

i reviewed Cat at a Winter Fest at le Poisson Rouge in NYC, which may be found in an earlier post,

what follows is a link from a defunct blogsite called  i wrote a column for them called “The OctoJAZZarians.” ©.

Subject: Fwd: OctoJAZZarian Profile: Carline Ray – – or use Google to search for the reference. 





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