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October 5, 2011, 3:00 a.m.


from & for the hip.

don’t you just hate it?!

when singers learn from someone else’s recording, and get it wrong.  when they try to correct the lyricist’s grammar as in “I’ve Got It Bad,” and “I’ve Got Rhythm.”  when they don’t (can’t?) sing it once thru properly.  when even the song titles become obscured as in “On Green Dolphin St.”  there’s no “our” in the title of “Love Is Here to Stay.”  i can easily understand why “Oh, Lady Be Good” became just “Lady Be Good.”  we have Ella to thank for that.  there are too many to list here; someone on the Jazz Journalists Association site has already done it for us

it’s JON Faddis, not John.

well after Frank Foster’s memorial was announced the folks at the hurricane Irene-canceled outdoor Charlie Parker Festival rescheduled theirs for the same night, at the same time, in virtually the same nabe.  Yahweh took care of that gaff; it poured.  the folks who printed the memorial program might have been more diligent in proofreading.  Greg Buford is a drummer not a saxophonist; Doug Harris is saxophonist not a bassist; Richard Wyands is a pianist not a drummer; it’s Billy Eckstine, he having corrected that from Eckstein decades ago; and please Sassy has four a’s in her names, two in Sarah & two more in Vaughan.  she is not related to the rock blue-eyed blues Ray Vaughn brothers.

three new books have crossed my desk which i will be reviewing: a bio of Norman Granz by Tad Hershorn; an autobio of Clark Terry w/Gwen Terry; and a textbook by John Hasse &  Ted Lathrop.

- © arnold jay smith

October 2011


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